The Loneliest Place

Getting Lost

Strange Readings

Possumhaw Plant Electrics

Spiders and Insects



The Timber
Commissioned by Art in General

This series began with a residency in the Ferguson Timber in Marshalltown, Iowa. During my residency, I observed the behaviors of the insects and invertebrates surrounding me, and translated their activities into choreography that I performed in front of the camera.


Drawings and Studies for The Timber

With this series of drawings I reflected on my performances in The Timber videos. Bodily transformations that could not take place in in front of the video camera did so here on the page.


Spiders and Insects

These nine performative videos are based on the mating dances and communicative behaviors of insects and other invertebrates.

Churr-Churr Ziz Ziz Ziz

These works were completed in conjunction with Cricket Crawl, a citizen scientist event in which New Yorkers learned the calls of 7 cricket and katydid species and counted their calls all over the city. The series explores methods of stridulation, which refers to the way insects rub textured body parts together to make a sound.